Vanilla Sparkle- Vanilla cake topped with vanilla buttercream & large sugar crystals.
Chocolate Indulgence- Chocolate cake topped with chocolate buttercream & dusted with cocoa powder.
Red Velvet-Rich red cake made special with secret DF flavoring, topped with cream cheese frosting
Vanilla or Chocolate Raspberry-Vanilla or Chocolate cake topped with raspberry buttercream (varies week to week) 


March 14-18, 2019:

Chocolate Irish Cream: Chocolate cake topped with Irish Cream buttercream.
Vanilla Irish Cream: Vanilla cake topped with Irish Cream buttercream.
Guinness: Guinness chocolate cupcake topped with Guinness buttercream.

Green Velvet: Rich green cake made with secret DF flavoring and topped with cream cheese frosting.

March 19-23, 2019:
​Lemon Raspberry: Lemon cupcake topped with raspberry buttercream.

pcoming weekly flavors coming soon…